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Remote Work Tech, Tools & Equipment HR Should Provide to Remote Employees

Discover how essential equipment and tech tools enhance remote work

The Importance of Streamlining Your HR Checklist

Still using spreadsheets and paper-based HR processes? Now is the time to take the leap.

14 Virtual Company Happy Hour Ideas

Ideas to take your organization's Virtual Happy Hour to the next level

COVID-19 Return to Work Letter for Employees [+Template]

Template and instructions to create a welcome back letter for employees after COVID-19

45 Mailable Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

We handpicked some of our favorite mailable gift items, to show employees how much you care during the holidays

52 Hilarious HR Memes For 2023

Summing up how HR feels now that we’re entering the pandemic transition period

22 Employee Engagement Ideas That Remote Workers Love

A cheat-sheet for HR Professionals looking to boost employee engagement & preserve a close-knit team culture while teleworking

2 Years After Lockdown - What's Changed for HR?

First-hand accounts from members of our community on pandemic-induced shifts in HR and the workforce.

Sample Written COVID-19 Vaccination-or-Testing Policy [+Template Download]

A downloadable sample policy adapted from official OSHA guidance

12 Tips & Tools for Mastering Hybrid Work

Truly mastering hybrid work and providing tips and tools in order to help you determine what makes sense for your business

How to Attract Employees Back to the Office

Encouraging employees to physically come into the office

HR's Guide to the New COVID-19 Vaccine & Testing Mandate

Everything HR needs to know about President Biden's new vaccine mandates & OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard

10 Ways Businesses are Encouraging & Incentivizing COVID-19 Vaccines

Ideas for encouraging vaccinations in the workforce

The "Twindemic" - Managing Flu Season amid the Pandemic

Specific measures that you can implement to keep your workforce safe

Sample Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy [+Template]

A detailed guide to developing a mandatory vaccination policy

Delta Variant: How to Readjust Your Return to Work Strategy

HR's most pressing FAQs around the COVID-19 Delta variant

HR FAQs: Vaccination, Return to Work, and Masking

Vaccines, and masks, and mandates, oh my!

How Offices are Rearchitecting Their Spaces For Post-COVID

Tips on how to make your return to the office both smooth and effective

HR’s Guide to Addressing “Return to Work” Anxiety

Creating a healthy workplace as you manage the return to work

Should You Go Back to the Office (Now or Ever?)

HR considerations on whether it even makes sense to go back to the office for your business

PTO for COVID-19 Vaccinations: How Employers Can Get Reimbursed

FAQs around COVID-19 vaccination business tax credits, from provisions to claiming instructions