Team Messaging Made Easy

Efficient internal communication is more important than ever with distributed workforces and remote employees. Streamline your processes by sending customized texts and emails to your people from within your HR system.

Customize and Send ANY message

Choose Your Audience

Easily filter by location, department, and more to reach the right audience!

Design Your Message

Craft your message using magic fields that auto-populate employee data.

Send with One Click

Send both SMS texts & emails instantly to all recipients with one click.


Reach the Right Audience

Send your message company-wide or quickly segment your recipient list with our advanced filters:

  • Location
  • Department
  • Manager
  • Job Title
  • Employment Type
  • Pay Type
  • And More!

Craft the Right Message

Design an awesome message that feels custom to each employee. Easily drag-and-drop magic fields to pull in employee data like preferred name or manager contact info. Keep it simple or embellish with images and attachments.


Text & Email Instantly

With one click, your awesome message will come to life, sending via text or email to everyone on your recipient list. Whether you’re reaching the whole company or just a small group, messages will be sent automatically to each team member’s preferred contact method: SMS text or email.

Emergency Alerts

From severe weather and office closings to network outages and security incidents, easily reach your team ASAP, wherever they are.

Company Announcements

For event invites, exciting milestones, leadership updates, or employee surveys, reach your whole team with one click.

Reminders & Notifications

No more chasing people down! Quickly send out general housekeeping reminders and task notifications from inside GoCo.

Combine Workflows + Messages for Even More Automation

The possibilities are endless with the new Messages Workflow Building Block – you can easily add messages to be sent in line with steps in your Workflows. Automate your internal communications for:

  • Onboarding Welcome Emails
  • IT Requests
  • Company Event Planning
  • Performance Review Periods
  • Work Anniversary Celebrations

See Messages in Action Today!