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Announce birthdays, work anniversaries and out of offices automatically in Slack. Managers can approve PTO requests directly in Slack. Connect with Zapier and create customized messages for new hires and other employees.

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Automate your HR data to over 2000+ apps by connecting GoCo with Zapier. Provision accounts for new hires, send emails, schedule calendar events, sync data to spreadsheets, order swag for new hires and more.

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Google Sheets

Sync employee information saved in GoCo to a Google Sheet, or update a Google Sheet and send that data back into GoCo.

Google Calendar

Schedule a calendar events for new hires or employees. Great for scheduling 30 day check-ins with new hires to see how they’re doing.


Announce birthdays, work anniversaries and out of offices automatically in Slack. Managers can approve PTO requests directly in Slack. Connect with Zapier and create customized messages for new hires and other employees.

Microsoft Teams

Post a welcome message for new hires in a Teams channel.

Microsoft Excel

Keep an Excel spreadsheet up to date with the latest employee data.

Microsoft Outlook

Send an email to a coworker including employee data stored in GoCo.

Microsoft ToDo

Automatically add tasks to your Microsoft ToDo list when events trigger in GoCo.

Applicant Tracking


Streamline your recruiting and hiring process by syncing candidates from JazzHR to GoCo.

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See how GoCo’s embedded payroll feature, powered by Execupay, simplifies the payroll process. Or, if you’re happy with your current payroll provider, GoCo can sync data directly into your cloud-based payroll platform.


GoCo has partnered with Execupay, an industry-leading payroll provider, to create an all-in-one embedded payroll solution built into GoCo.

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ADP Workforce Now

GoCo syncs with ADP Workforce Now, a leading provider of payroll solutions for local and global businesses.

Quickbooks Online

Sync GoCo with Quickbooks Online — a cloud-based financial management software built for small businesses.


GoCo connects effortlessly with Paycom, an automated payroll platform focused on accuracy.

Dominion Payroll

GoCo seamlessly works with Dominion Payroll, an online payroll management software.


GoCo connects with Gusto, a modern payroll platform with automated tax services and filings.


Connect GoCo with Paysphere, a tax management and payroll processing solution.


GoCo easily integrates with Patriot, an accounting and payroll software for small businesses.


GoCo seamlessly works with Paychex, a payroll software solution that replaces manual processes.


Sync GoCo with Paylocity, a payroll that saves you time and peace of mind.


Sync GoCo with Paycor, an intuitive payroll & tax solution for small to medium sized businesses..


GoCo works with Sage, a payroll solution for automated payment, deductions and withholdings.


GoCo integrates with Quickbooks, a popular and easy-to-use accounting software for small to medium sized businesses

Learning & Training


Start training new hires on day one by connecting GoCo with Zapier and enrolling them in a training course.


Teamie is a cloud-based collaborative learning platform that fits into your ecosystem. Connect Teamie using Zapier to automate new hire training.

Employee Engagement


Does your company have awesome branded swag you give out to new hires? You can automatically order branded swag and have it sent to your new hires. Capture the t-shirt size and preferences from your new hire during onboarding in GoCo, then send that data to SwagUp to fulfill the order.


Handwrytten is a way to automatically send real cards and notes written in pen and ink. Connect GoCo to Handwrytten using Zapier and automate the personal touch of a hand written welcome as part of your employee onboarding experience.

401(k) Retirement Plans

Human Interest

GoCo’s integration with Human Interest, a leading 401(k) solution, makes it easy and affordable to help your employees save for retirement. Automatically sync new hires, set-up payroll deductions, and give employees the power to view a detailed dashboard.

myUbiquity 401(k) Plans

GoCo automatically syncs new hires and terminations to myUbiquity. 401(k) elections made by employees can be synced to Payroll.

Time Tracking

When I Work

Schedule shifts and tracked hours worked by employees using When I Work, With GoCo connected to When I Work there’s no need to fill in a employee’s information twice. You can hire an employee with a few simple clicks and choose to have them automatically added to When I Work.

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