PTO & Time-Tracking Platform

Track your team's work, PTO and holiday hours in one place
GoCo has everything your team needs to track their time and ensure you pay them accurately and on time. All state and federal overtime rules are automatically calculated, and timesheets can be reviewed and approved with a single click.
Clock In & Out

Modernize Your Traditional Time Clock System

Time-tracking quickly becomes a headache for business owners with an old-fashioned punch card system. GoCo’s digital time clock system guarantees a pain-free employee clock-in experience and gives employers a central solution for managing attendance.


Flexibly manage and edit timesheets

Some companies prefer to have their team just fill in a timesheet. GoCo makes this easy by giving companies the flexibility to decide how their team should enter time.

Automatic Overtime Calculations

Automatically calculate overtime

Calculating overtime correctly can be really complicated, especially if your employees work in one or more states with their own overtime regulations. GoCo Time Tracking can automatically calculate federal and state-specific overtime.

Automatic Holiday Pay

Automatically add holiday hours to timesheets

Do you pay your team for working holiday hours? With GoCo you can configure your company’s holiday schedule and automatically add holiday hours to your team’s timesheets. No more manually updating timesheets with holiday hours!

Timesheet Approvals

Approving timesheets with a single click

You can fully customize who can approve timesheets. Approvers are sent an automatic reminder to review and approve timesheets. Teamwide approvals can be done with a single click, or you can review timesheets individually.


Report on all of your team’s hourly data

Want to see how many hours your team worked during a certain range? Or maybe you’d like to see an audit log of every time entry saved to a timesheet? Time Tracking reports have all the insights you need to understand your team’s hours.

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GoCo helped us improve our relationship with our employees because they started to see that we were taking steps to ensure that they were being treated properly, and that they were receiving the attention that they needed.

Erica R. HR Manager

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