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Modern HR

All of your HR, in one place

Simplify your HR by bringing employee records, time off, documents and everything else into one place.

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Hiring & Onboarding

Make it a first day to remember

Our fully customizable onboarding solution gives you all the tools you’ll ever need to make it a great first day for your new employees.

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Step away from the manilla envelope

Avoid admin overload. Easily manage all your documents and files from one central location with GoCo.

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Time Off

Manage time off requests, approvals, and balances in one place

Enjoy one-click approvals on all time off requests, plus clear, actionable insights into your team’s records. Tailored or pre-packaged PTO policies will have your company in sync in no time – and did we mention everything connects to payroll automatically? Job done.

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Stay a step ahead with customizable reports

Customizable, quick, and designed to help you work smarter. Our reporting tools offer a simple and intuitive interface to slice and dice to your heart’s content.

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Team Feedback

Keep track of your team’s performance

Stay in the loop with at-a-glance team feedback tools. Monitor performance, take action, and get ahead of any concerns.

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Org Charts

Visualize your company with an interactive org chart!

You and your team can view and discover the structure of your company using GoCo’s interactive org chart. Easily find team members or departments on the org chart with instant search that updates the org chart in real-time.

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Hear what our customers are saying!

One stop source for employee on-boarding, HR information, and benefit information – previously was scattered across multiple systems. We’ve gained a ton of capacity on our team by not having to manually process so many issues.
Administrator in Accounting

See how GoCo can simplify your HR!

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