All of your HR, in one place

Simplify your HR by bringing employee records, time off, documents and everything else into one place.

Employee Management Software for Small Businesses

From employee onboarding to benefits administration and payroll, GoCo offers a truly consolidated experience so HR pros can focus on high-value tasks.

Flexible Core HR to Support Your Employees

Make it a first day to remember

Our fully customizable onboarding solution gives you all the tools you’ll ever need to make it a great first day for your new employees.

Step away from the manilla envelope

Avoid admin overload. Easily manage all your documents and files from one central location with our HR database.

Track your team’s time off requests, balances and approvals, all without spreadsheets

Give your team an easy way to request time off or emergency paid sick leave and have their managers approve it. GoCo automatically keeps track of accruals, max balances and all other aspects of your company’s PTO policy. No more spreadsheets, no more hassle.

Stay a step ahead with customizable reports

Customizable, quick, and designed to help you work smarter. Our reporting tools offer a simple and intuitive interface to slice and dice to your heart’s content. We even have an On Demand HR Support Center to help you get personalized advice and templates.

Performance Management Made Easy

Design custom reviews to meet any team's needs and motivate employees to strive for success. Efficiently track performance, take action, and get ahead of any concerns.

Visualize your company with an interactive org chart!

You and your team can view and discover the structure of your company using GoCo’s interactive org chart. Easily find team members or departments on the org chart with instant search that updates the org chart in real-time.

Standardize Your Employee Offboarding Process

GoCo’s automated workflows feature makes it easy to manage tasks related to employee offboarding, from e-signing necessary documents to alerting team members.

Simple and intuitive benefit administration

Upgrade your company benefits with industry-leading technology and a dedicated network of Certified Advisors

All-In-One Embedded Payroll

We’ve partnered with Execupay, an industry-leading payroll provider, to create an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution. You can run payroll from GoCo, seamlessly capture paystubs and automatically manage reconciliations, with the convenience of a single all-in-one system.

The level of service we get from GoCo is unprecedented. They’re patient, understanding, and always available.

Darby Dupre

Product Operations Manager

Benefits of All-In-One HR Software

One-Stop Shop

No more repeated data entry, admin, or juggling multiple platforms. GoCo’s HRIS is a one-stop shop for all things HR.

Ditch the Paperwork

Lose the manual processes bogging you down. Our modern HRIS is fully digital, which means everything can be done with the click of a button or the tap of a key.

Connected with Your Apps

GoCo is integrated with apps you love, so your HR stays in sync with everything else.

Stay in Compliance

Our employee management platform makes paperwork completion, storage, and organization easy so you can stay ahead of the curve on new regulations and laws.

A Modern HRIS for Your Entire Team


Access self-service benefits and options at their fingertips

Feel empowered and engaged

Track and manage time off, paystubs and feedback all in one place


Easily access all HR related processes, from payroll to benefits

Eliminate double data entry

Improve information accuracy

Focus on your employees

Ready to streamline your HR?

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Talk to an Expert

Have questions? We can help! Schedule a chat with a GoCo expert

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