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Trends in Health Insurance Waiting Periods

A waiting period is the amount of time a new employee has to wait before benefits kick in.  A company can choose a 0-day, 30-day, 60-day or 90-day waiting period for medical benefits. The advantage of a longer waiting period is that the company saves a few months of premium payments on a new hire’s benefits.


Announcing GoCo’s new, improved Time Off tracking!

The new version of Time Off is here! Before, your team had to figure out how much time off they’ve earned by looking at their pay stub (or maybe even a spreadsheet) prior to submitting a PTO request on GoCo.  Now, you and your team can see how much time off they’ve earned right on GoCo! Setup Your Company’s


Managing Payroll Is Easier With GoCo

Our customers love that GoCo works with virtually every payroll on the market. Some of our customers choose to have us sync payroll data for them, while others prefer a more hands-on approach. In either case, the brand new Payroll Dashboard, being released today, provides a whole new level of transparency and control over your


Why it’s important to terminate an employee on GoCo as soon as s/he is actually terminated (especially for Texas employers)

If you are a Texas employer, Texas Senate Bill 51 impacts how you terminate employees from your health and dental plans. In a nutshell, you are required to provide coverage for the terminated employee until the end of the notification month. The notification month is the month that the insurance company finds out the employee has been terminated


Managing HR documents is now even better with GoCo!

Our goal is to simplify complex HR and compliance workflows so managing all of your employee’s documents is a breeze. We take your EXISTING company documents, and make them into “magic” templates so they can be signed digitally, and the structured data is stored in our HRIS system of record. We believe that collecting and

Announcing Automated State Tax Withholdings

It’s now easier than ever for employees to fill out their state tax withholding information during onboarding. And when they need to make changes, they can do it right from their profiles! When is state tax withholding collected? The collection of state tax withholding is determined by both an employee’s work location and home address.

Introducing Team Permissions

GoCo now gives you more visibility and control of your company’s HR admins and managers. To make view & make changes to your team’s roles & permissions Go to the Company profile Click to open the Team card Click the Team Permissions button at the bottom Once there, you can see: Your company HR admins The

Managing Work Locations & Departments

We now allow you to manage your work locations & departments! To make changes to your companies work locations or departments, do the following: Go to Company Look for the Locations & Departments card and click Manage Click the actions menu for the location or department you want to edit (3 dots on the right) Make


5 Ways To Improve Employee Development At Your Company

There are a seemingly infinite number of initiatives that can lead to success at your company. You can pull levers on product development, QA, sales, marketing, customer success…etc… but prioritizing what will have the greatest impact is tough. It’s no wonder that employee development often ends up at the bottom of a very long list.