Top 15 Payroll Software Solutions in 2022

GoCo’s new Embedded Payroll, powered by Execupay, is a fresh approach to all-in-one HR, benefits, and payroll software for small businesses. We can help you automate your HR and payroll workflows, without changing the way you work.

Why Choose GoCo’s Embedded Payroll Software for Your Small Business?

Leveraging online payroll software such as GoCo to help with HR processes is essential in a data-filled world. It’s hard to keep track of a payroll system if you do it manually. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best payroll software you can use to streamline your efforts. Each software’s features, pricing, and feasibility are summarized in a few words. You can check and compare all the payroll software and figure out which one works best with your small business. It’s best to choose one that makes your business processes efficient and convenient. Which means it’s best to opt for a platform that provides payroll processing, HR functions, and tax support, among other things. And we’ve put our love into making GoCo the consumer’s first choice with these aspects in mind.

Check out our extensive list below:

15 Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

1. GoCo

Website: Visit Goco

G2 Rating: 4.7 (202)

GoCo is all-in-one HR, benefits, and payroll, built for flexibility and ease-of-use. With GoCo, you can automate your HR and payroll workflow, with streamlined onboarding, PTO, Time Tracking, and benefits that seamlessly sync to payroll. GoCo is also a secure, compliant hub for sending, digitally signing, and organizing your sensitive HR documents and data.

Lots of HR and payroll solutions make you conform to their way of doing things — they make you follow their rigid workflows, use their payroll software, and work with their benefits brokers. GoCo is unique because it’s built to flexibly support your existing processes, policies, and providers. GoCo brings your workflows and policies to life digitally, and you can bring your own payroll software and benefits broker, or use GoCo’s preferred providers.

If you choose GoCo’s Embedded Payroll (by Execupay), you can run payroll inside the HRIS, seamlessly capture paystubs and automatically manage reconciliations. If you choose to bring your own payroll, GoCo offers seamless support and is happy to sync with it. GoCo’s sophisticated payroll features include effortless new hire payroll set-up, employee changes, benefit deductions, work hour & PTO tracking, and automated final paycheck calculations!

If you’re ready to level-up your HR, payroll and benefits, you can try it free or schedule a demo to see it in action.

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2. Patriot

Website: Visit Patriot Software

G2 Rating: 4.8 (437)

Patriot Software is a relatively inexpensive alternative to run payroll systems. However, the lower price means you have to do a bit of manual work.

The starting price is only $10 per month, with $4 per employee per month. While it features payroll services, you won’t have HR functions like electronic signatures, onboarding, and online document storage.

The company does provide complete payroll setup services. Based on your pay stubs, you can opt for direct deposits and/or print checks.

Patriot Payroll offers unlimited payrolls and flexible payment schedules. You also get an employee self-service option so your employees can interact directly.

However, there is no integration support, meaning you may have to duplicate a lot of data. Furthermore, there is no benefits support so you can’t take care of things like health insurance with the platform.

Having said that, if you opt for their best package, Patriot Payroll will complete your tax forms and even file your year-end taxes.

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3. Intuit QuickBooks

Website: Visit Intuit QuickBooks

G2 Rating: 4.5 (69)

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll can be considered an add-on to QuickBooks accounting software. Similar in pricing to companies like Xero and Gusto, QuickBooks payroll services are best for QuickBooks accounting system users.

QuickBooks Payroll provides many unique features like accruing PTO, multiple pay schedules, and splitting direct deposits among bank accounts.

The price ranges between $55 to $80 depending on which package you choose, with an additional $4 per employee. There are also extra charges if you want to add accounting features or if you want them to file 1099s.

QuickBooks online payroll lets you sync bank accounts and mobile apps while creating and managing estimates. You can fully automate paying employees and filing payroll taxes.

With multiple tutorials and easy navigation, the platform is easy to understand and use. The company is also available throughout the week on their phone number if you need help.

You can get real-time information on local taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, and payroll taxes, making it easier for small business owners to get the information they need.

If you’re already using QuickBooks accounting software, you should try out their payroll software, as well.

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4. Gusto

Website: Visit Gusto

G2 Rating: 4.2 (631)

Gusto is widely known as the one payroll software that has it all for small business owners. It has full HR support, payroll services, and tax support.

Its interface is designed to be simple and convenient for any business owner. Especially for people wanting to handle these processes online.

The base price for Gusto’s services is $39 per month, with an additional $6 per employee. The company files your payroll taxes and new hire reports for you.

They also handle your basic payroll and tax compliance activities. Alongside payroll runs, the company also provides employee onboarding for new hires.

Gusto also provides HR and tax support services which help avoid time-consuming redundant tasks. The platform has an autopilot feature, in which once you enter your payroll data, it can automatically run payroll and tax filing processes.

The software allows employee self-service, leave management, and benefits administration. You can also generate several reports like payroll journals and employee listings.

Gusto is the one-stop solution for all things HR and anyone going for a centralized HR system should try it out.

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5. Run

Website: Visit ADP

G2 Rating: 4.6 (904)

RUN by ADP is known for providing a good mix of custom payroll and reporting services. If you’ve used ADP’s services before, using RUN would be a smooth transition.

The typical cost is between $20 and $200, depending on what tier you choose and the number of employees in your company.

ADP also offers human resources and tax support services, but these come with custom pricing. The company provides payroll processing, tax filing, direct deposits, a general ledger interface, reporting, and garnishments.

Customers can also get insurance through ADP Insurance Agency (ADPIA). Additional features include leave management and full software integration with third-party services.

ADP’s online payroll software is for small businesses with decent funding, a high growth rate, and a limited team. If you have the funds and the growth, you can try out ADP’s RUN. It will save you a lot of time because you can avoid the learning period you’d have to go through, with other payroll providers.

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6. Paychex

Website: Visit Paychex

G2 Rating: 4.2 (1384)

Paychex is mainly for small businesses that are growing quickly into medium-sized enterprises. It has a PEO service that lets clients outsource all HR-related processes.

Paychex is among the expensive payroll options out there. With a starting setup fee of $200, the monthly price ranges between $77 to $123 per pay period for 10 employees. The more the employees, the more the charges. They also charge extra for year-end tax forms and documents.

The primary advantage of Paychex is that you can access the HR platform on your mobile. With customized reports and garnishments, you get all your payroll information in your hands at any time you want.

The company helps with the HR software setup and provides additional features like labor posters, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation.

They also provide employee self-service, leave management, benefits administration, and over 100 different reports.

Paychex is a great option for companies that prefer old-styled interfaces where all the information is crammed into one place.

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7. Onpay

Website: Visit OnPay

G2 Rating: 4.8 (215)

The US-only payroll solution provides payroll, benefits, and HR platform for all 50 states. Although it has a relatively lengthy setup, the starting price of only $36 plus $4 per employee makes up for it.

The base tier lets you track deadlines and assign tasks to your entire payroll staff. OnPay also lets you sync payroll information with most time-tracking and accounting software. If you have your own payroll system, you can sync and transfer it when you use OnPay.

Moreover, any other in-house processes, such as attendance tracking, can also be synced. The company also offers benefits administration like 401(k) contributions and health insurance deductions.

You can pay through direct deposit or make debit card payments.

OnPay is designed to provide all the features you need for effective small business payroll management, so you can pay your employees regularly.

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8. Payroll4Free

Website: Visit Payroll4Free

G2 Rating: 4.5 (1)

If you’re looking for a unique small business payroll provider, Payroll4Free is a great option. It’s a permanently free and full-featured payroll software.

With a fully optimized employee portal, all the basic services are free. The catch is though; you need to have less than 25 employees.

Also, since it’s a free platform, the basic services may not address of your payroll needs.

However, if you want add-on services like direct deposit services and time-off tracking, you will need to pay $12.50 per month. That’s still much cheaper than paid payroll software. You can avoid the fee if you use your own bank to transfer those direct deposit funds.

Along with payroll services, you also get vacation time tracking, and tax calculations and forms. Payroll4Free is a great option for start-ups with limited funds or if your small business is looking to reduce overhead costs.

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9. CheckMark

Website: Visit CheckMark

G2 Rating: 4.5 (4)

If you’re looking for payroll software with full support on both Windows and Mac, CheckMark is an ideal choice.

It’s one of the few payroll providers to offer a perpetual license of their software. This means that you only have to pay a one-time cost of $429. That may seem high, but that’s actually the minimum you pay annually, with other payroll software.

You receive full support and all the features in that package. However, it can be difficult to make changes to things like checks, once you’ve saved the information.

In addition, it’s designed such that it only works for small businesses. So, if you see a sudden growth in your company, you’ll probably have to change your payroll provider.

The company rolls out automatic updates regularly to make enhancements, fix bugs, and update tax values among other things.

They also provide a free trial so you can test the software before moving towards the paid version. That gives you a chance to check out whether CheckMark works with your company or not.

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10. Denali HR

Website: Visit Denali

G2 Rating:

A mid-market solution from Cougar Mountain Software, Denali Payroll is designed for nonprofits and small businesses. That is why it can handle organizations with anywhere from 1-1000 employees.

The company lets you pay your employees through direct deposit and/or print checks. It also supports multiple compensation types. This means it can adjust the information, whether you pay your employees, hourly, per contract, per-diem, a salary, etc.

Denali Payroll has a starting price of $1,999, but you receive the perpetual license, which lets you use the software indefinitely. It includes tax tables for all of the 50 states, and can easily handle multiple companies.

However, there is no client portal and the design is favored towards people who use their native accounting program.

The software provides all of the basic and advanced payroll-related features. If you are able to make one lump sum payment, you should think about trying CheckMark.

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11. Paymate

Website: Visit Paymate

G2 Rating: 4.5 (3)

Fully-integrated HR and payroll services are rare, and that’s where Paymate Clarity comes in. The software is built around payroll functionality but the additional features include the management of several HR tasks and full tax support.

The features include things like full benefits administration management, time & attendance tracking, vacation days tracking, sick days tracking, and disciplinary tracking, among other things.

Completely cloud-hosted, Paymate Clarity is built for both Windows and Mac and receives constant updates and support. However, it is considered one of the most Mac-friendly payroll software.

With advanced robust reporting and its HCM features, Paymate Clarity proves to be an all-rounded option for SMEs with good budgets.

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12. Sage

Website: Visit Sage 50cloud

G2 Rating: 3.8 (124)

If you want a service that provides inventory, accounting, and payroll management in one place, Sage50 cloud has got it.

The company provides full automation of payroll generation and management while adhering to any compliances related to payroll, pension, or tax laws.

Sage 50cloud is based on the idea of self-service, which is why a lot of the features are completely self-service. Your employees can be invited to sign up with Sage, which lets them review their pay stubs and submit any appropriate timesheet information.

It provides full integration support with services like Skype, QCommission, Realtrac, etc.

With applications on both Android and iOS devices, the cost ranges between $44.97 to $175.87 per month depending on which plan you choose.

You can effectively make and then track mobile and online payments. Multi-currency support ensures zero complications.

You also get a pensions module and pay slip templates. You can keep records of Class1A company cars. Lastly, you can pay directly through the software.

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13. Paycor

Website: Visit Paycor

G2 Rating: 4.1 (572)

Paycor is an all-in-one human capital management platform with a culmination of payroll solutions and HR management capabilities.

Considered one of the best HRIS systems in the market currently, Paycor is designed to handle everything, from recruiting, onboarding, and tax compliance, to payroll and reporting.

The platform is extremely user-friendly and responsive, and you have full customizability to tweak the features according to your organizational needs.

With extremely accurate and powerful reporting tools and features, you can track employee time, workers’ compensations, tax compliance, HR tasks, and payrolls, in real-time.

Paycor lets you fully integrate it with your in-house business systems such as Ameritas, WageWorks, etc. The platform has optimized mobile apps on both Android and iOS stores.

There is no price update on the site. This is because Paycor gives you a private quote after asking a series of questions to better understand your business and human capital management needs.

Along with full integration with third-party applications, Paycor also has an onboarding module. The payroll and tax compliance services ensure you’re always doing business the right way. If you’re looking to invest long-term in your small business, investing in Paycor is a smart move.

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14. Toast

Website: Visit Toast

G2 Rating: 4.2 (201)

If you own a restaurant, Toast Payroll should be your payroll software solution of choice. Toast Payroll is designed for restaurants so that they can better their payroll processes and manage and streamline their labor.

The company also has measures in place to make sure everyone ensures compliance with government regulations.

You can effectively maintain timesheets without having to do any manual calculations.

The company also has several calculation tools for things like overtime consideration, taxes, and different pay rates.

This way, you can rest easy knowing all the payments you receive and send are accurate. In addition, the company helps you with things like state and federal labor regulation compliance.

With automatic syncing between POS and Payroll, you have several federal and state compliance tools at your disposal. There are multiple pay rates, benefits administration, integrated reporting, and dashboards.

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15. Xero

Website: Visit Xero

G2 Rating: 4.3 (477)

Being a fully-fledged payroll service and a huge leading financial collaborator, it’s hard to determine where Xero stands right now.

The company actively works to reduce financial damage and fix accounting gaps. After a long time of continuous efforts, the software is finally user-friendly enough to allow people without accounting knowledge to use it.

It simplifies things like double bookkeeping. Little features such as this make Xero very useful, whereas it also constantly improves its usability.

The price for Xero’s payroll services ranges between $20 to $30.

You get major bank connections and reconciliation support. You get an invoicing module and purchase tracking. There are multi-currency tracking and free unlimited email support inventory.

Xero would work for you if you were looking for a long-term solution to payroll and other HR tasks.

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Choosing the Best Payroll Software for Your Small Business

As a small business, the room for error is very small. There’s no leeway to experiment and find what works best, which is why small business payroll services are very targeted. While there are several more payroll providers in the industry, the ones on this list come out on top. This is mainly because they provide payroll processing that is designed to help specific small businesses.

Additionally, small businesses thrive on accessibility, so it’s best to have your business processes centralized. That’s why a lot of small business owners try to opt for software that provides the most payroll features and services. Software that can effectively provide human capital management (HCM), a payroll option, an accounting system, and benefits administration are successful. If one software can’t provide it all, they tend to be open to third-party integration.

Meanwhile, software that refuses third-party integration while not providing a lot of services, tends to fall behind. Plus, additional features like wage garnishments, time & attendance tracking, health insurance deployment, and other human resources processes help, as well. They all add up to provide more value and convenience.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Payroll Software

To help you decide which payroll software to go with, keep these things in mind:

The number of employees you currently have.

All the services you will need (Payroll, HR, benefits administration, tax support, etc.)

Your maximum budget.

The timeframe in which you want the software to be set up and working.

Value-added services you want for more convenience.

Level of third-party integration you need.

These invaluable pointers will help you choose the best payroll software for your small business. That is why GoCo provides a multi-service user-friendly HR platform, with unique onboarding features like orientation workflow management, task management, and e-verification/I-9 forms. Features in benefits administration include COBRA administration, FSA administration, and HIPAA compliance checks. Finally, the HR features include benefits management, compensation management, payroll syncing and an embedded payroll experience, and time & attendance management, making GoCo an all-purpose online business process tool.

See how GoCo can simplify your HR

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