Automate Your Performance Review Process with GoCo Workflows

Streamlined Performance Review Software

With GoCo Workflows, you can streamline your company-wide performance review process

The Old Way

Review process and criteria varies across departments

To-do’s are assigned on spreadsheets and email

Communication is silo-ed

Tasks get overlooked

Due dates get missed

The GoCo Way

Reviews are streamlined and standardized

Tasks and due dates are assigned dynamically in GoCo

Teams are always in sync

Reminders are automated

HR can track and report on progress along the way

Make Your Performance Review Checklist Flow in GoCo

📝 Build Your Checklist

Create a custom performance review workflow template with tasks like self-evaluations, manager expectations, feedback documents and more!

💡 Collaborate

Assign tasks to direct managers, department heads, or any other team members for faster, simpler administration.

📈Track Progress

Easily track progress of task completion with a visual timeline to help ensure timely review completion. Set-up triggers and customize each element to eliminate manual follow-up.

GoCo automates performance reviews, so managers and HR are always in sync

Automate the Admin

Standardize and streamline the performance review process

Stop Pushing Paperwork

Back away from the paper and spreadsheets! Collect evaluations, approvals, and signatures digitally

Make Communication Flow

Open up communication and feedback channels between managers, their teammates, and HR.

Stay on Task

Assign tasks and automate reminders for employees and managers

Keep it Consistent

Standardize evaluation questions and set routine timelines for annual, semi-annual, or quarterly reviews

Here are some workflows you can automate in minutes!

… and anything else that’s manual, routine, or painful for your HR team!

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