Standardize and Streamline Your Employee Offboarding Process

Streamlined Voluntary and Involuntary Termination Workflows

With GoCo’s offboarding checklists, HR managers can standardize termination to-do’s and make separations smoother

The Old Way

Terminations are messy and painful

To-do’s are assigned on spreadsheets and email

Communication is silo-ed

Tasks get overlooked

Due dates get missed

The GoCo Way

Offboarding is standardized and streamlined

Tasks and due dates are assigned dynamically in GoCo

Teams are always in sync

Reminders are automated

See task statuses at a glance

How Termination Checklists Flows in GoCo

📝 Build Your Checklist

Drag and drop your way to a custom offboarding checklist for the entire company, or for each team or role.

💡 Collaborate

Standardize and assign offboarding tasks to direct managers or departments, and keep everyone in sync. Dynamically set owners, due dates, and reminders.

📈Track Progress

View offboarding workflows at-a-glance and easily track tasks, from updating org charts to revoking system access.

GoCo automates offboarding

Automate the Admin

Digitize and streamline the routine administrative tasks that bog down your HR team

Get Organized

Organize all the documents and data related to parting employees in a single place

Stay on Top of To-Do’s

Standardize your process and coordinate to-do’s with a simple drag & drop checklist

Track Progress

See an at-a-glance report of completed and open tasks, so you never miss a step

Get in Compliance

Make sure you collect the documentation and data you need to stay in compliance

Streamline Communication

Communicate with hiring managers and teammates to keep everyone in sync, every step of the way

Here are some workflows you can automate in minutes!

… and anything else that’s manual, routine, or painful for your HR team!

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