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Understanding Work-Life Balance: An In-Depth Guide for 2023

Explore work-life balance, its importance, unique challenges, and effective strategies for 2023.

The Complete Guide to Employee Recognition in 2023

Employee recognition is proven to boost productivity and quality of work, improve morale, and reduce turnover rates as employees feel valued by their employers.

4 Secrets to Mastering Remote Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition occurs when coworkers share how much they value you or your work. It's the cornerstone of great company culture.

How HR Can Think Like a Marketer: Part 2 – Engagement

Using a marketing mindset when thinking about employee engagement and how to market internally to your team.

Improving the Employee Experience with eNPS [+template]

Discover how to calculate and benchmark your company's employee net promoter score to improve your employee strategy around engagement and retention.

Understanding the 2023 Talent Shortage [+5 Things You Can Do About It]

with 1.9 open jobs for every unemployed US worker, it's clear that HR leaders are struggling to find and retain top talent

How To Retain Employees In 2023: 15 Strategies For HR

15 of the best employee retention tips for 2023 and beyond

How To Build A Consistent Employee Recognition Habit In 2023

Learn how to make employee recognition a priority for your organization.

7 Tips to Help Small Businesses Avoid Layoffs in 2023

As businesses worry about a recession, layoffs are becoming more common heading into 2023

Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience During a Time of Economic Uncertainty

Here is the video of our founder, Pavla Bobosikova, talking about the importance of improving employee experience during an economic downturn: Employee experience is a...

How Employee Engagement Affects Your Bottom Line

You might feel like employee engagement is a bit of a buzzword that gets thrown around too much in the workplace. But if there is...

Using Pulse Surveys to Complement Annual Surveys

Gathering employee feedback is the first step towards making more informed decisions that affect your people. Employee surveys give employees a chance to contribute to...

Mastering employee experience management: A how-to guide

With the rise of new technology and digital transformation, many companies have started to focused on employee experience. Understanding why this is so important and...

3 components of an effective employee survey

Surveys are a great way to gather information from employees, but they can be tricky. You need to know what questions to ask, how often...

State of Layoffs 2022 Q3 Update

In August we published our State of Layoffs 2022 report which covered the first two quarters of 2022, all layoffs up until July 2022. We...

Understanding and improving employee satisfaction

It's tempting to think of employee satisfaction as something that happens to you, like getting the flu or paying taxes. It may seem out of...

What is employee advocacy and how to improve it: 4 easy tips

Employee advocacy is a powerful tool for improving your company's brand, but it can be hard to know where to start. We'll review employee advocacy...

A Guide to Managing HR Challenges for SaaS Companies

SaaS companies are facing new challenges when it comes to HR, from hiring and onboarding to the rise of remote work – here are some tips to overcome them.

5 Common HR Challenges Affecting Modern Day Benefits Brokers

Learn how HR professionals lean on benefits brokers to solve common HR challenges

Is a 4-day Work Week Right For Your Business? 8 HR Leaders Weigh the Pros and Cons

What are your thoughts on four-day work weeks? Has your company tried it? Why or why not? If you've tried it, what were the pros and cons? To help...

6 Employee Recognition Programs That Actually Get Results

Using multiple recognition strategies creates a unique and valuable employee experience.

What Gen Z Really Needs to Make Remote Working Work

It’s no secret that working remotely has brought on new challenges — and benefits — for knowledge workers of all age groups.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Employee Engagement and Happiness In Remote-First Companies

In 2022, what is going to distinguish the best remote-first companies from the rest is their level of employee engagement. WFHomie works with remote teams...

Relationship-Building in a Remote-First World with Jared Kleinert

Jared Kleinert is a serial entrepreneur who’s made a living by helping people build work relationships. He’s been named USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial” and is an award-winning author.

How to Boost Employee Engagement in Remote Teams

Employee engagement is crucial for team cohesion, culture, and productivity. But working from home makes it much harder to engage your employees.

Remotely Lonely: Internal Networking & Virtual Socials For Gen Z

This is Part 2 of our blog series: “On the Remote Road: Insights Into Young Professionals’ WFH experiences.” It’s no secret that working remotely has...