The Secret To High Performing Teams

Get your team more aligned, engaged and happy with better 1-on-1s.
It just takes 5 minutes per week.

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Improve Communication

Get a more engaged team by delivering frequent & honest feedback.

Reduce Turnover

Don’t lose your top performers.
Show them that you care.

Maximize Productivity

Overcome the challenges your team is facing by making sure they get openly discussed.

“Very frequent check-ins are a team leader’s killer app.”

- Harvard Business Review

Hold your team accountable

Frequent 1-on-1s are the 80/20 of great management. You can now see if your team is actually having them.

See the whole picture

See how your team’s performance has trended over time. You'll have much more visibility into how your entire team is doing (and not just your direct reports).

Improve your team's performance

Your team can increase the chances that 1-on-1 action items actually get done by writing them down.

Make your conversations more meaningful

Managers can call out what went well, what can be improved, and expected challenges along the way.

Always Secure.

Your team is in complete control of which notes are private and which notes are shared. Everything is secured through 256-bit encryption and is never shared with 3rd parties.

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